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Filmed under the moser baer banner, this movie which is still under production and will hit the theatres nationwide supposedly on april4 this year, will once again take the viewers into different realm of thoughts and triggers them to think and believe that the greatest tradition in the history of mankind was, is and will always be the honor ,for which people have forgone their lives and still continue to do so, this movie sends and underlines this message in a very obvious way through the protagonist major siddhant chodhary bollywood movies. It’s a story of faith, faith in yourself and proving that when you decide and become tenaciously determined there is nothing which you will short for your hands to catch, provided that your eyes dares to view and dream that passion and your heart backs your mind without even a tinge of doubt. Only then world will be yours to conquer.

The plot is designed in a way that will inspire you to discover that indomitable spirit and the inherent courage and that never say die attitude within and all this is done to fight it out in a battle where all these traits are put under serious examination……this is the war for finding justice and discovering the truth. It’s the narration of javed….a man who is alleged by his motherland, it’s also the story of siddhant, whose way of life was to escape reality but fate had something else for him. Kavya, who is always seeking an answer to the question that why we find it difficult to watch raanjhanaa, who thought that if you have to live your life then you got to abide by the rules, that’s how life must be, and on the contrary, we also have major general pratap who has a set of his own rules framed by him, and who doesn’t give a damn to the world and lives his life in accordance with his own beliefs even if it were against the humanity.

Javed khan an army officer, who is alleged and accused of killing a colleague superior to him and a mutiny, and also a planned conspiracy Is being tried for the court martial, who doesn’t want any defense for he doesn’t want to reveal the facts which would be way powerful to shake the foundation of the establishment and so prefers to remain silent. All the characters are involved with some case or the other, there are some questions which will torment you in the course of watching the movie but you will certainly get your answers by the end of the movie. As the name of the movie goes, shaurya is a word which encapsulates the traits such as honor, courage and above all bravery and the grit to get what you want. The movie is a tribulation and a salute to these traditions of mankind.


 Aashayein Bollywood Movie Reviews

Nagesh Kukoonor comes back this time again with his latest project named aashayein which underlines some innate and triggers the inherent values in the life of a human, it is marketed under the percept picture company sic productions under the t-series so it is also produced under the same banner, this movie will hit the theatres nationwide in the month of June, the character of the main protagonist is played by the actor who has time and again made his acting credentials very clear and silenced the critics, none other than john Abraham, apart from this the very talented shreya talpade will also be seen in a special appearance sonal sehgal plays the role of nafisa and the gifted Anita Nair will characterize padma, whereas john Abraham will be addressed as rahul singh in the movie.

The music is provided by the versatile duo of salim and Suleiman and the cassettes and the cd’s available on the t-series, the publicity design assignment is taken up by the p9 integrated pvt ltd. The director nagesh is back again to drive home a point after his much acclaimed iqbal became the talk of every town and nagesh became the toast of the bollywood industry, extremely thought provoking as is typical of his movies, this time though its john Abraham who will hone his acting skill along with him. The story line of the movie is primarily resting upon the view point of the actor and his confined outlook towards life at large, it delivers the goods as far as advocating the purpose goes.

The protagonist is a hard core gambler and gambling is old habit, and since they see old habit die hard, the same applies to the character of rahul singh. He has been trying his luck incessantly but never the fairy of luck smiled upon him. But then comes a day when the jinx breaks and the unexpected happen which takes him aback and also fills him with immense joy and fun. Eventually, this was the day when he wins a hefty amount which he wins by sheer stroke of luck. But this happiness was to be very sort lived because he realizes that life has an ill fate in stores for him, and that he had exactly 90 days when he will become the departed by breathing the last stroke of the air.

Disappointed and in dismay, he moves on to a hospice to find the real happiness, some dramatic changes and some extremely thought provoking incidents does the trick for him, and he changes the very outlook towards life. He now looks at the life with a renewed and a different attitude and his insight undergoes drastic changes. An inspired and an optimistic rahul now decide to live his remaining life to the fullest. Whether or not he sees the light of the 91st day is the question.


 26th July at Barista Bollywood Movie Reviews

Many superbly written scripts come and go, which initially promises a lot but in the main course fail to strike a chord, and hence are lost somewhere in the race where a plethora of other movies belong, one of this kind which will be released this year is the movie 26th July at barista. This story basically revolves around the central idea of the unprecedented and the exceptional rainfall which hit the city and the date happens to be an eventful date which has made an unreadable mark in the mind of the mumbaikars. the entire city which never sleeps came to a deafening silence all of a sudden, the whole humankind inhabiting Mumbai are caught in real fix, when rain god blessed them or cursed them rather with some incessant rainfall which brought the entire fury of activities into a sudden halt and everything becomes standstill. The map of the city would have given a hap hazardous look at that point of time I m pretty sure!!

The story proceeds and brings out the plight of the people who are stuck in a hopeless situation in one of those fateful nights and therefore generates a unreal and a fictitious saga of the victims who are caught in the trap, the story which are created revolve around the central idea of the crisis and underlines the need of the much needed cooperation and mutual dependence a much needed trait to be acquired in today’s world. The list of the victim who form the storyline are actually chosen from various sections of the society, right from the depressed and the downtrodden class to the elite and the affluent ones, it comprises of a couple who are apprehensive about their child who was left out in a theme park, an aspiring and a hopeful actress, two professionals serving in the service organizations, a police officer, a lady in search of her kid, a child who is in search of his father, and a lady who is raped by some anti social elements.

There is a depiction of desperation at a coffee parlor which is done in quiet an amateur way, the art director and the cinematographer are completely disappointing, and the screenplay fails to strike a chord with the audience editing is much needed solution in this domain of this art. The director of the movie also adds up and makes the contributions in his own way in making the movie a complete hopeless one. All in all, the entire movie can be called as a foul play, adding to the frustration of a handful of viewers is the atmosphere like stage where the story swings between undefined positions. To give the final verdict, I would say that the movie deserves one visit, that to, only to get a feel of the hardships the people faced during the time of crisis and how they fought their way back to the normal style of living, apart from that watching this movie will be a painful experience for sure.


 Munnabhai Chale Amerika Bollywood Movie Reviews

Well every body heard of the name munnabhai and circuit. Every movie freak loved the 1st in the series munnabhai mbbs.It wasn’t enough, and then came the second which was bigger and larger than the first, not in size though but in entertainment Lage raho munna bhai. And from that moment people were craving for more. Now tell me who wouldn’t cash on this situation. So next in the series is all about our munna bhai going to America.

Trailer of movie: Munna Bhai Chale Amerika is out and Munna Bhai (Sanjay mama) and Circuit (Arshad) are seen learning English as they are leaving to America in this movie. There is a perfect comedy strip in the trailer and that helps the audience to get the exact idea about the movie is, how it is going to be for sure. Our very own people in Andhra Pradesh might be reminded of a comic character called parvateesham who sets off to a similar voyage to not America but to London.

Munna Bhai, with an history in impressing and influencing spectators with its so called performaces has set standard in both the first and the second part of the series. His shirts are also refreshingly good colored, and sanju looks really good in them. And after all the talk about the hero and the supporting hero how on earth can we forget about the actress?? Well the choice of actress in the movie is also to be talked off! The first movie had Gracy Singh,who was really graceful. Pleasing smile good personality ability to act and what not. Well, the first one was good, the second one even better. And I’m talking about none other than the gorgeous Kerala beauty Vidya Balan. She was terrific in the movie. After the great success of the the Lage Raho Munna Bhai and Munna Bhai MBBS , Munna bhai rose to become a brand name and this lead to whole new Munna Bhai sequels like James Bond or Harry Potter series. Now the originator Mr.Vidhu Vinod Chopra and the director being Mr.Raj Kumar Hirani have resumed performance on the third branch of the continuation Munna Bhai Chale America, plus they are all set to give the audience something more for sure.

Video Trailer of Munnabhai Chale Amerika :
The breathtaking idea to transport the two lead characters in the US took shape when the director Rajkumar Hirani saw that Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi were sitting together in a golf-cart in US. The contemplation of two jigri‘bhais’ being transported to US took Hirani’s picture. When Dutt came to be acquainted with this particular idea, he liked it a great deal and asked Hirani to definitely make a film lying on it. This is how Munnabhai Chale Amerika was born.


 U, Me Aur Hum Bollywood Movie Reviews

One of Bollywood’s most well liked couple Kajol and Ajay Devgan are back to set the screen on fire in this touching story of love. The film sees Ajay Devgan take on a new avtaar as Director-cum-Actor in his directorial debut. The film is infact being directed and produced by Devgan under his banner Devgan Films’. The script is co-written by Robin Bhatt and Sutanu Gupta, apart from Devgan. Vishal Bharadwaj(of Omkara fame) provides the musical score for this evergreen romance.

The film is being promoted as an inclusive family social. Elements of humour, drama etc intermix freely in the storyline. The movie projects and encourages the institution of marriage and the concept of long-term relationships. In the words of the actor-director-producer, “I would rather call my film a romantic film which has a lot of drama and humor”. Considering some of Ajay Devgan’s most memorable performances have come in action and serious roles, it’s surprising that he chose a story which is primarily a romantic comedy for his maiden directorial venture. Nevertheless the film has attracted a lot of attention as it will be after a long time that cine goers will be able to catch the real life pair of Kajol and Ajay Devgan in action together.

The film is set on a cruise ship, as shown prominently on the promos. Ajay, played by Ajay Devgan, meets Pia, played by Kajol. She serves him drinks in that first encounter. He is a top rated psychiatrist, but this beautiful woman completely muddles his mind up and the toll she takes on him is far greater and taxing than that of the alcohol. This was true love in his book. Pia on her part was a woman of the heart, and could only watch as he made a total mess of the episode, and was pleased when he passed out. It took him two dozen drinks to utter the three magical words, “I love you”. A few lies here and there were thrown in to please the lady. The lady won over, it all seemed so idyllic and heavenly for this couple for the ages, till he confessed. And Pia isn’t amused; she leaves. The story is all about the emotions and times of this couple.

U, Me Aur Hum has attracted a lot of interest as its one of the few times when one sees a top line Bollywood actor don the director’s hat, even when in the prime of his acting career. Despite speculation that the film is based on the 2004 Hollywood romance, ‘Notebook’, the makers have denied any such similarity and have claimed their product is completely different. Kajol’s casting in a role that seems completely up her alley is another facet to look out for.

The film, set for an April 11 release, is one of the most exciting upcoming movies. The catchline of the movie says “The greatest journey covered is the distance between two people”. Let’s wait and watch if the film can successfully make the journey to the audience’s hearts.


 Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Bollywood Movie Reviews

Aditya chopra’s latest venture rab ne bana di Jodi is being eagerly awaited by millions. He is all set to be back in the limelight with this new promising project of his. He is putting on the director’s cap after 8 yrs. His last directorial venture was mohabbatein starring shahrukh khan. Aditya chopra will make his new movie rab ne bana di jodi under the banner of “yash raj films” this time. The viewers are definitely hoping a visual treat. His legendary first movie diwale dulhaniya le jayenge has still not been forgotten by anyone. It created a record breaking history in bollywood. This movie again has shahrukh in it, which surely will be a major publicity factor for it. The combination of aditya chopra and shahrukh khan has proven to be a hit in the past.

As already mentioned shahrukh khan is the main hero of the movie. The female counterpart is yet to be finalized. The leading lady opposite to shahrukh will be a fresh new face. The search has already started for the new face who can fit the role in a perfect manner. It surely will be a dream debut for that lucky girl to be acting with aditya chopra and shahrukh khan together in one film. Aditya chopra will also be writing the script for this movie along with direction. The shooting of the movie will believed to commence from may 2008. aditya chopra is planning to rope in salim-sulaiman for the music of this movie. Salim- sulaiman have created good music in the past.

We can enjoy this movie mostly by the end of 2008, which is when it is expected to release. This is a good time for the release of the movie because of the holiday season for many of us.Aditya chopra had by choice taken this 8 year long break from direction. He was certainly not wasting time or talent doing nothing. He had been engaged in setting up the first studio model in India, which definitely would take “yash raj films” places. Simultaneously he was also busy with a lot of production activities. The movies which were produced under him over the recent past are hum tum, fanaa, salam namaste to name a few. He was the creative director of these movies. Along with all this he also had written many scripts in movies like veer zaara which was yash chopra’s directorial project. We surely are hoping for another record breaking movie just like dilwale dulahaniya le jayenge which still is been shown in theatres in Mumbai. The duo shahrukh khan and aditya chopra are all set to create magic once again.


 Chamku Bollywood Movie Review

Maybe sometime back, Deol’s used to be hardly non-existent in the Hindi Film Industry. Now a day, one is sure to encounter them boasting the really bonded family of theirs. A starry line up with the likes of Dharmender and Sunny Deol, the family is sure to catch an eye. The intensions were made clear with ‘Apne’, whereby Deol’s proved it through their hard hitting, no nuisance manner, that they meant business. The flick received satisfactory responses, taking into consideration the degree to which the youth today is being dragged towards Hollywood.

Post-Apne, their first home production ‘Chamku’ is lined up for release this October. With an attractive star caste in the form of Bobby Deol, Arshad warsi as well as Priyanka Chopra, the film has started making some news. Decorated with catchy tag line ‘Kahani kabhie khatam nahin Hoti’, the flick is sure to turn some heads. Directed by kabeer kaushik, one can expect something realistic of some logistic values in the movie.

The film revolves around the central character ‘Chamku’, a Bihari who migrates to Mumbai for reasons of immaterial values. The story then turns into a narrative, dealing primarily with the life of a Bihari in Mahrashtra. The very thought is enough to raise some eyebrows. Well, for those pondering over the issue whether the story is attributed to the tyranny of the non-locals in Mumbai, keep pondering, as Bobby Deol in a recent interview, by leaving questions unanswered, opene doors for one’s imagination to come into play. A very smart marketing move one must say!

Personally for Bobby, past one year has not turned up rich dividends. With the failure of ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’ and average responses to ‘Apne’, the lanky Deol has something to think about. This, however, should not stop him from being optimistic as ‘Chamku’, stars Priyanka Chopra with Bobby for the fthird time, with, ‘Barsat’ and ‘Kismat’ being the former. Accrding to the rumors, the duo are looking refreshingly good. With a diva like Priyanka in the whereabouts, one should not expect anything less. Apart from ‘Chamku’, Bobby would be seen in ‘Ek’ and ‘Roshan’, which are also lined up for release latter this year.

The music for ‘Chamku’ is composed by Monty of ‘Saawariya’ fame, who last year won hearts of millions with music like a breath of fresh air. Lyrics by Sameer, who once again has been noticed as writing for Bobby’s movies, usually complements the great music by Monty.

Sources reveal that, Danny Denzongpa, will also be joining the team to shoot for five days at film city latter this month. He play ‘baba’, a devotee, who in the movie resurrects boby from the shackles of insecurity. With such a power pact script, a brilliant director, refreshing music and gorgeous caste, Vijeta production is all set for a second innings!


 Roadside Romeo Bollywood Movie Reviews

How much does it normally take to amuse and absorb viewers across the nation for so long?What makes it possible for them to be acclaimed all across the country and the world as India’s pre- prominent movie mansion with an unmatched box office record and an unrivalled commitment to famous cinema? Firstly, it takes incredible and unconventional stories. For instance, the five eccentric stories which are unique in every sense and that form the very base for YRF’s (Yash raj film) releases this year.

Firstly, it is “Tashan”, all set to hit the screens on 25th of April, which is being directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, the scriptwriter of the blockbuster movies Dhoom:2” and “Dhoom”. It is also his first movie as a director.If you have ever thought, only western movies could coalesce style with stuff, well then its time for you to think yet again: so can “Tashan” – the good luck, the ishtyle , the pharmoola!. Next on the list will be storyteller Kunal Kohli’s venture starring Saif and Rani Mukerji. Romance, drama, fantasy, and more – all that you would ever want in a movie is there in the script of this movie, which is yet to be titled. Yash Raj production house will also invite the nation to celebrate and rejoice the fresh new tale of “Bachna Ae Haseeno”, the third movie of the director, Siddharth Anand, which is all set to release on august 15th.

People often wonder why is YRF considered to be so prominent and why there movies are so eagerly awaited. One of the reasons would certainly be their uncanny knack to experiment and try out different formulas. This year on 24th October one is likely to witness a new episode in Yash Raj Films’ ever escalating strides. It will by all probabilities mark the release of its first full length animated movies which is a joint venture of the Studio together with Walt Disney, apparently the best in animation.

Roadside Romeo is a forthcoming animated movie that would have Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan lending their voices to animated individuals for the first time. Saif is lending his voice to a blemished brat of a street dog named ‘Romeo’. “Roadside Romeo” twirls the story of a cool, rich, street dog who apparently is abandoned or in other words deserted on the lanes and at the present needs to confront with problems which he has by no means faced previously. It also features the voice of javed akhtar and all the technology work is done exclusively in India. Movie is directed and written by another promising talent Jugal Hansraj. This venture along with Walt Disney Pictures is expected to leave film followers of all ages entertained and animated like never before. “Roadside Romeo” certainly seems set to become a landmark.


 Fauj Mein Mauj Bollywood Movie Reviews

The movie Fauj Mein Mauj is being produced by Ravi Walia and is written by Farhad. It’s all about a woman joining a male regiment. The movie is a comedy flick, which is sure to tickle your funny bone. The basic theme of the story seems to be what happens when a sexy lady joins in an all-male cavalry. Mallika sherawat joins the army after her husband’s death and there she becomes a distraction to all the men in the cavalry.

The movie casts Mallika Sherawat, Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav, Sharat Saxena, Asrani, Lillete Dubey, Himani Shivpuri, Mukhesh Rushi. The music of the movie is composed by Pritam Chakroborthy. The cinematography is taken care of Om Prakash.

The release of the movie is delayed as there was a discrepancy among the director Murali Nagavalli and the producer Ravi Wallia. Financial crisis is another reason for the delay of the movie. However, the main reason is, stars including Mallika Sherawat, Paresh rawal etc and the producer himself was not happy with the director’s efforts. The diector Murali Nagvalli is outcasted from the movie and a new director Sanjay Chhel is appointed. It is being talked that the entire movie will be again shot from scratch; hope the director’s work assuages the star’s and producer’s visions.

Mallika Sherawat has sadly been committed only to guest appearances in most of the movies in 2007. Apparently, all the movies turned out good at box office. Welcome, Guru, Aap Ka Suroor are some of the biggest hits in 2007 and have one thing in common i.e Mallika Sherawat. The only movie in which she is palying a lead role is Fauj Mein Mauj 2007.

The movie is being postponed from a very longtime and finally, one good news for all the Mallika Sherawat fans out there, the poster of the movie is released. The names of the stars Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav are imprinted on either side of the name Mallika Sherawat in between. (in pink). Two planes will be flying in the sky and the smoke coming out of them depicts Mallika Sherawat’s ASSETS. The poster seems quite creative; it hints that there will be a lot of it in the movie, quite tempting for all the guys and hard core fans of Mallika Sherawat.







The Princess and the Frog

Walt Disney Animation Studios presents the musical "The Princess and the Frog," an animated comedy set in the great city of New Orleans...


The Princess and the Frog

Walt Disney Animation Studios presents the musical "The Princess and the Frog," an animated comedy set in the great city of New Orleans...


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